Office insurance

Based on our practice we can notice that business centers of different sizes use insurance coverage actively. More often we have to deal with applications of landlords and tenants to insure offices.


  • Liability insurance for damages caused to life, health and property of third parties. Liability insurance provides that third parties claims against the insured will be handled and payments will be made by the insurance carrier.  Usually third parties are visitors, abutting owners and premises tenants. It can be landlords and staff of adjacent offices, warehouses and departments also.
  • Property insurance when an office is insured as premises. It's possible to insure following  objects (all together or separately):
    • Elements of construction;
    • Interior finish;
    • Furniture, business machines and other equipment;
    • Cash in the till and safe.

The situation when in the rental agreement landlord binds the tenant to affect liability and property insurance policy in benefit of the landlord is rather common in our practice.

Movable property from the office (business machines, furniture) usually belongs to tenants and the tenant decides whether to insure it or not. Such property can be covered by the same policy or as an extension of such policy (in this case it will cost cheaper) or can be covered by the tenants separately (in this case it will cost them more).

Cost of office insurance primarily depends on its technical condition, fire protection system and technical safety organization; the lowest rates apply to new, well equipped offices.


  • We have vast experience in insurance of offices. In the week we produce several dozen of  property and liability insurance policies;
  • We understand the basic needs of landlords and tenants;
  • We know the real market rates, and will not allow you to overpay superfluous;
  • We have experience of cooperation with almost all business centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg;
  • We are able to work quickly, without asking too many questions and not asking for extra documents and statements;
  • And most importantly, we are ready to go to work responsibly and wisely in order to find the optimal conditions of insurance!

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Operation geography

Horizon is a professional insurance intermediary, executing insurers / reinsurers orders on the selection of the best options of insurance / reinsurance coverage. We have an extensive practice of insurance for state, municipal and commercial structures of Russia, Europe, Asia, South and North America.


Thanks to our experience, we have a vast knowledge in all sphere of insurance that is why we can offer special insurance contracts for any business type.


Our team has a unique long-term experience in reinsurance. Our employees have contacts with reinsurers from virtually anywhere in the planet. We are ready to take on the most complex and sensitive issues: whether you are the Reinsured / the Insurer or the Сlient / Policyholder requiring placement of great risk insurance amounts or atypical terms of insurance.