Business insurance

Business insurance is our company specialization. Our company's name "СОЮЗ" is the initial word for "Страховое Общество для Юридических Заказчиков" in Russian which means in English "Insurance Company for Business Customers". That's why if you are a business company and have any risks to be insured we are ready to work wisely and with full responsibility to make the best insurance proposals for your business.

Insurance is a part of risk management system of enterprises and legal entities. Depending on company's turnover and management complexity insurance can be more or less complicated and time-consuming task. But in all cases insurance is a diversion of company's specialists’ resources to solve problems that are not typical and pleasant for them. That's why outsourcing and attracting our company as an insurance broker is an efficient and cost-effective decision in terms of labor and financial costs.


  • Who will be responsible for concluding insurance contracts of various types? The answer can be financial economists, accountants, HR directors, engineer and transport service directors, lawyers, purchase coordinators. To big companies we advise to share contract execution between customers (those services which will be protected by insurance) and performers (procurements authorities). In a small company there should be one responsible person. Three things are important: a) participants know what they want; b) there is a final decision-maker; c) decision shouldn't be delayed.
  • How to count up the budget for insurance needs? We consider that this question is more urgent for companies which face the necessity to affect a new type policy for the first time. They just don't have examples to compare. But we can appraise the risk, investigate the rates for the companies of same segment, offer your company insurance solutions which are popular with businesses of the same kind & make u not overpay for sufficient insurance coverage.

In addition, let's give an example of questions which can seem little things but can mess up results of the bidding process and procurement:

  • How to purchase insurance services?
  • Is it necessary to seek an extensive tender with a lot of papers and time consumption, or a simple request for proposal is enough?
  • Who is responsible for preparing set of documents for insurance contract, checking draft of the contract and monitoring conclusion of the contract?
  • Which insurers invite to the tender?
  • What criteria to use for choosing the winner?
  • Is the price the key factor or not?
  • Is an open competition obligatory or a closed procedure is enough?
  • Who will get the paperwork done in case of loss and ensure payment of compensation?

All these things influence work time expenditures and manage ability of insurance process. It's worth mentioning that if employee in charge of insurance is incompetent the insurance itself can be useless.

On these issues we act as a balance of offers, selected with due diligence, coherent result and opportunity to control purchasing process of insurance services.

In all of the above questions we are ready to help and take on your duties.

Advantages in contacting us:

  • We have vast experience in property insurance, liability, voluntary medical insurance of employees and financial risks of legal entities. This ensures that you receive from us relevant and the best offers on the market;
  • We understand the basic needs of the client, depending on the activities of the organization;
  • We know real market rates & will not allow you to overpay;
  • We have true information how similar insurance problems are solved by your partners and competitors and are ready to share this information (of course, within the limits of professional conduct);
  • We  work fast without asking too many questions, papers and applications;
  • The main important thing is that we work wisely and with full responsibility to make you the best insurance proposals.

Contact us and see it in practice!

Operation geography

Horizon is a professional insurance intermediary, executing insurers / reinsurers orders on the selection of the best options of insurance / reinsurance coverage. We have an extensive practice of insurance for state, municipal and commercial structures of Russia, Europe, Asia, South and North America.


Thanks to our experience, we have a vast knowledge in all sphere of insurance that is why we can offer special insurance contracts for any business type.


Our team has a unique long-term experience in reinsurance. Our employees have contacts with reinsurers from virtually anywhere in the planet. We are ready to take on the most complex and sensitive issues: whether you are the Reinsured / the Insurer or the Сlient / Policyholder requiring placement of great risk insurance amounts or atypical terms of insurance.