Financial risk insurance

Currently financial risk insurance is quite expensive and difficult to place type of insurance for many enterprises.

Insurance rate for this type is several times higher than rates for classic types of insurance such as property, cargo and liability insurance.

The difficulty to insure financial risks for many enterprises is due to specific nature of this type of insurance, for example:

  • Insurance companies are not ready to insure financial risks of clients unknown to them. This means that without a respectable history of insurance in a concrete insurance company and personal knowledge of insurance company chief executives is practically impossible to insure financial risks. This is because it is hard for insurance company to assess risks, connected with business activity of a company unknown to it.
  • Insurers are not interested to insure financial risks for small limits. It's necessary to analyze a great amount of documents & spend much time of highly paid professionals to assess financial risk properly.
  • Majority of insurance conditions do not allow for insuring one's company own financial risk, for example, it's impossible to sign a contract and insure your own default risk of this contract.
  • Some contracts, especially international ones, include requirements for financial risk insurer which Russian insurers can't satisfy. These are financial figures and rating requirements.
  • There are financial risks which makes no sense to insure through Russian legislation.

As you see financial risk insurance is an extremely complicated type of insurance, when you can't get along without professional insurance broker assistance. And yes, we can help you in this case!

Contact us and we guarantee that we will pay attention to your problem and focus on selecting and proposing you the best option of financial risk insurance, if this option is basically possible in your case.


  • We have a huge experience in insuring finance risks that guarantees, that  you will receive the best up-to-date proposal in the market;
  • We understand main requirements of the client depending on type of its business activity;
  • We know real market rates and will not allow you to overpay;
  • We have true information how similar insurance problems are solved by your partners and competitors and are ready to share this information (of course, within the limits of professional conduct);
  • We  work fast without asking too many questions, papers and applications;
  • The main important thing is that we work wisely and with full responsibility to make you the best insurance proposals.

Contact us and see it in practice!

Operation geography

Horizon is a professional insurance intermediary, executing insurers / reinsurers orders on the selection of the best options of insurance / reinsurance coverage. We have an extensive practice of insurance for state, municipal and commercial structures of Russia, Europe, Asia, South and North America.


Thanks to our experience, we have a vast knowledge in all sphere of insurance that is why we can offer special insurance contracts for any business type.


Our team has a unique long-term experience in reinsurance. Our employees have contacts with reinsurers from virtually anywhere in the planet. We are ready to take on the most complex and sensitive issues: whether you are the Reinsured / the Insurer or the Сlient / Policyholder requiring placement of great risk insurance amounts or atypical terms of insurance.