Voluntary health insurance (VHI)

Our employees have a unique experience in VHI and practice it for more than 10 years.  We placed this insurance for largest commercial and federal government companies.

Our main customers for voluntary health insurance are:

  • Industrial enterprises;
  • Banks;
  • Leasing Companies;
  • Airlines;
  • IT companies;
  • Trading networks;
  • Pharmaceutical companies

We have ready-made insurance programs and we can provide voluntary medical insurance for all groups starting from 10 persons.

An important advantage when you contact us for a contract to organize the VHI - is that the insurance program is always made in line up according to customer wishes.

When working with us on the VHI, it is the customer  that chooses what clinics will use his staff, what additional services and for what staff member should  it be included in the contract; whether  they need dental care, hospitalization and so on.

The composition of voluntary health insurance contract:

  • Emergency medical assistance;
  • Outpatient care at leading hospitals;
  • Dental surgery;
  • Hospitalization in case of emergency and planned operations;
  • Health resort treatment.

Typically most clients prefer to include only emergency medical assistance in the contract and outpatient care. Not all clients use dental surgery. Hospitalization is even less popular.

It is common for large companies (with hundreds of employees) to separate to separate insured into 2-3 categories (in accordance with official level) with different composition, services and prices per insured.

The main parameters of VHI contracts are:

  • Insurance program - a set of services, drawn up by insurance companies. They include the use of certain terms of medical facilities and additional services, as well as define the boundaries of paid medical services. While preparing commercial proposals for the VHI, we offer customers a choice of at least three programs which differ in the level of prices;
  • The composition of medical institutions, to which the insured is attached or can be attached (within the program);
  • The composition and quantity of services (medical activities, manipulations);
  • Method of access to doctors – directly in medical institution or with a prior agreement with the insurance company;
  • Additional services (physiotherapy, reflexology and health resort treatment).

We recommend our clients to use the following quality criteria for voluntary health insurance:

  • The level and reputation of the medical institutions provided for in the contract for the attachment and maintenance. In our opinion, it is the main factor;
  • Ability to select by insured medical institutions. If the contract has several clinics, it will be for the benefit of the insured the ability to attach to that which it is more convenient or the one they like more;
  • The possibility of simultaneous attachment to several clinics;
  • The possibility of the attachment it, that is the acquisition of the status of permanent patient clinics, and doctors do not visit the organization only through the control room of the insurance company (in our opinion, it is the budget and inconvenient for the insured option);
  • The ability to undergo routine diagnostics, medical examinations;
  • The possibility of telephone consultations with a doctor-curator.

What determines the price of VHI contract?

The basis of the tariff is a basic service charge in hospitals. This basic fee is calculated separately for each program. To this rate, applied extra charges for age and sex categories of insured (old people and children are treated with more care, and they will be more expensive, and women use medical services more often than men).

Total insurance premium under the VHI contract is obtained by multiplying the number of insured on basic service charge in hospitals in each of the programs.

For the preparation a commercial offer of voluntary health insurance, we need the following information:

  • Regions of your offices (clinics should be considered only in one city, or in several regions);
  • The number of your employees and their segmentation by category;
  • In which clinics would you like to be serviced;
  • Do you need Dental surgery;
  • Do you need an ambulance and hospitalization;
  • What budget limits on VHI exist in your company.

The advantages of contacting us for VHI:

  • We have extensive experience in the voluntary health insurance, it ensures you receive from us the best offers on the market;
  • We understand the basic needs of the client, depending on the activities of the organization;
  • We know the real market rates, and will not allow you to overpay;
  • We have reliable information about how to address the similar insurance company (your partners, competitors) and will be able to share them with you (within the permissible professional ethics);
  • We are able to work quickly, without asking too many questions and not asking for extra documents and statements;
  • And most importantly, we are ready to go to work responsibly and wisely in order to find the optimal conditions of insurance!

Contact us and see it in practice!

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