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7 Baumanskaya str., Moscow, Russia, 105005

Business hours:

Monday – Friday from 10:00 till 19:00

Office phone numbers:

+7 (495) 640 54 00+7 (495) 640 02 80request a call back

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Full name: Horizon Insurance Brokers, Limited Liability Company
Short title: Horizon IB, LLC
Legal address: 7 Baumanskaya str., Moscow, Russia, 105005
Actual address: 7 Baumanskaya str., Moscow, Russia, 105005
Business correspondence address: PO BOX # 21, 7 Baumanskaya str., Moscow, Russia, 105005
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Hotline number: +7 (495) 640 54 00
Customer service phone number:  +7 (495) 640 02 80
Internet address:
TIN: 7701413231
RRC: 770101001
Russian National Classifier of Economic Activities: 67.20.9
Primary State Registration Number: 5147746312181
Account: 40701810400000001396 in VTB 24 (PJSC)
BIC: 044525716
Correspondent account: 30101810100000000716

Operation geography

Horizon is a professional insurance intermediary, executing insurers / reinsurers orders on the selection of the best options of insurance / reinsurance coverage. We have an extensive practice of insurance for state, municipal and commercial structures of Russia, Europe, Asia, South and North America.


Thanks to our experience, we have a vast knowledge in all sphere of insurance that is why we can offer special insurance contracts for any business type.


Our team has a unique long-term experience in reinsurance. Our employees have contacts with reinsurers from virtually anywhere in the planet. We are ready to take on the most complex and sensitive issues: whether you are the Reinsured / the Insurer or the Сlient / Policyholder requiring placement of great risk insurance amounts or atypical terms of insurance.